Prevention of corruption

The National Protective Service (NVSZ) participates in performing governmental anti-corruption tasks pursuant to S. 13/A of the Government Decree 293 of 2010 (22th December).

Within the framework of this the Corruption Prevention Department of NVSZ

  • prepares the drafts of the Government’s anti-corruption strategy and its action plans;
  • assesses and evaluates corruption and integrity risks of public administration and the corruption situation;
  • is responsible for the harmonisation and development of integrity management systems of public administration organisations;
  • performs integrity and corruption risk examination of the drafts and measures ordered by the minister responsible for law enforcement;
  • prepares case studies in order to contribute to the awareness-raising on prevention by way of timely corruption risk assessment;
  • develops proposals in relation to the further development of the training of integrity advisors and the corruption prevention, integrity and professional ethics trainings of  public servants and law enforcement;
  • participates in international cooperation;
  • prepares anti-corruption communication material.

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